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What is H#?

H# (pronounced H Sharp) is a conversational platform (a chatbot interface), driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning, to engage employees with existing HCM/HRM Systems(PeopleSoft, SAP, Oracle HRMS etc.) in a more Human like interaction using Natural Language Processing (NLP).


The Philosophy followed by H# is to shift the paradigm of human-machine interactions to rightly put the horse before the cart, i.e.Instead of human employees having to learn the HCM systems' behavior; machines(H#) learningthe Employees' behavior. thereby simplifying interaction to more conversations via chat / voice based message leaving to Bot (Machine) to understand what information the user intends to seek.

For example, currently a leave application is a 3 click + 3 form-field input process and can consume anywhere from 30 seconds to 180 seconds. By using H#, all the employee does is speaks or types "aply PL for tmrw" (meaning "Apply Privilege Leave for Tomorrow", H# is pretty tolerant with typos and learns fast) which takes 5-10 seconds. That's how simplified an interaction can actually be made with H#.

The advantage of such an approach is:

  1. Giving a new interface to your existing HCM/HRMS without having to completely overhaul or replace it
  2. Allowing core and non-core interactions from a single interface
  3. Simplifying the way how users interact with systems

Technical Specifications

H# harnesses the latest AI and ML technologies and framework to deliver an easy to manage, low infrastructure solution. The engine is developed on multi-OS compatible technologies making is easy to adapt to your organizational infrastructure. The built-in third party connectors allow the bot to blend in and merge with a host of core and non-core HR systems with minimal effort.

We understand that sometimes message based conversations can be quickened with widgets (e.x calendars pickers, quick reply options, etc.). Therefore, the platform is already built with several such widgets to ease interactions. However, there may be times when the existing widget libraries may not be enough. To overcome this limitation, H# has custom adapters to let you build your own widget. Thus making it flexible.

Considering the various touch points available, the interface can be plugged into your existing web, mobile (android, iOS), Facebook messenger, Twitter, Yammer, Flock and other message based communication channels.

With the on-premise hosted model the tool is configurable to your organization's security framework and therefore would imbibe all the properties within the framework making the security risk of the software as negligible as that within your framework.

Machine learning capabilities of H# include;
  • Training: Learning based on statistical data
  • Assisted: Monitor learning to make corrections
  • Auto-learning: Allows bot to auto learn based on more usage
  • Feedback based: Allows bot to adapt based on end user feedback's

Features & Benefits

  • Support for common HR functions like seek leave, muster, etc
  • Suggestive data intelligence for assistance in approvals
  • Ready connectors for HRMS like Peoplesoft / Fusion, SAP, etc.
  • Highly personalized responses based on user’s profile
  • Pre-trained for common HR queries

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